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Tired of exhausting gases filling in your house? Or have you just opened a factory with lots of burning coal work? Then chimney must be your foremost requirement. We have skilled masons that can perform all types of masonry restoration and perfect chimney construction work along with cement crowns- Tuck-pointing- Extensions- Rebuilds- Stucco- Waterproofing.

If you see pieces of cement on your roof or the ground near the chimney, chances are it’s coming from your chimney. This is a problem that when ignored can cause a very costly rebuild or construction of a new chimney from fresh.

What is chimney construction?

A chimney plays a vital role to direct the smoke of the stove or fireplace out of the house. It is a masonry, clay, or metal structure that exhausts hot and toxic gases from a house or any commercial place and releases them into the air to make the inside environment pollution free. Expert skills are required to build a well-balanced and maintained chimney that could perfectly draw the gases out of your house. A1 chimney can provide you with the professional and competent mason to design and build a chimney at your place in the least possible time.

Who we are?

National Chimney Solution is a full-service-based contracting firm specializing in building chimneys and fireplaces. We offer complete masonry services including but not limited to brick pointing, all types of brickwork, chimney crowns, chimney masonry, chimney construction, tight mortar joints, etc. You would be well served to have us involved in your home improvement, renovation, or restoration project for installing or constructing a chimney on the rooftop or designing a crown cap over your chimney. Our workers are highly trained to efficiently work hard in every work environment without giving you any kind of hassle making the work easier for you.

Why choose us?

A1 chimney construction service has experienced professional chimney and fireplace servicemen who will diagnose your situation and give you a free estimate, if you approve the work, we will begin at your convenience. We offer and perform complete chimney construction services and will provide you with viable options regarding your specific job. We employ master masons, master carpenters, master plumbers and master electricians to have the job done with complete perfection. We can provide the right service and skilled workers as they are needed; we are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded contracting firm, specializing in most reliable chimney-related services. We also provide emergency service. If you feel a hazardous fall of chimney bricks or an animal stuck inside it, call our expert for superb emergency services to save you from any further loss or severe damage to the chimney wall, cap, or flue.

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We are going to evaluate your expectations, determine any sort of difficulties that may stand in our way, and examine all of the details of your task. As soon as we have prepared the business or home for Chimney Caps services and designed a solid strategy, we can get to work and conclude the work without delay.